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Central Oregon OstrichCentral Oregon OstrichCentral Oregon OstrichCentral Oregon Ostrich

About COO

Central Oregon Ostrich (COO)


COO was founded in 2009 by Michael and Danielle Lehman to expand the availability of healthy, low fat ostrich meat.  All operations are designed around  sustainable farming practice through naturalistic management  and humane treatment of our birds.  Originally conceived as a grower farm, unavailability of hatchling stock and increasing market demand for hatchling chicks developed into an opportunity for COO to expand hatchery operations.  Today the farm is one of the largest ostrich hatcheries in the Pacific Northwest and is heavily involved in advocacy for ostrich farming through the American Ostrich Association.  

Why Ostrich?

Ostrich Strip Steak

Ostrich is a highly efficient source of red meat that is an environmentally sound alternative to factory farmed beef and pork.  Low feed consumption, prolific reproduction, and a high density nutritional profile make ostrich an excellent red meat alternative for health conscious consumers.

It's all about the hatchlings!

Ostrich Hatchling

Healthy happy hatchlings are the foundation of our success at COO.  Every management protocol is designed to support a holistic health triad that supports the behavioral, nutritional, and environmental needs of our chicks. We produce strong, healthy hatchlings for growing farms.


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We love visitors but we are a working farm and don't have regular retail hours.  

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Farm tours are only available May through September to coincide with hatching season. 

Central Oregon Ostrich

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Central Oregon Ostrich

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